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In Person Music Lessons in Bellevue

The HMSM curriculum combines playing, knowledge, and musicianship development for a comprehensive musical journey. It teaches the fundamentals of music, nurtures students' passion for music, encourages creative expression, and applauds successes.

Preschool music classes are tailored for children between the ages of 3 and 6. During the lesson, these youngsters can acquire vital skills beneficial to their school endeavors, such as identifying numbers and letters, developing fine motor skills, and improving their language. Our preschool music classes can also provide an excellent foundation for students wanting to pursue further music lessons.

For students with to play music with others in an ensemble can be a great way for motivation. Students can learn the team works, enhance their confidences and show case their skills as a group on the live events. 

At HMSM, we aspire to provide an accessible and high-quality music education for all levels. The best part is that we encourage our students to learn by playing the songs they love and having fun performing in live events to gain stage experience sand skills.

HMSM has exciting spring or summer camp opportunities for people of all ages and experience levels. Make new friends,  learn new skills, and perform for your family and friends at one (or more!) 

 The Program gives students a comprehensive and unparalleled music education. Students can choose either individual instruction on their instrument, a small group class with peers, or a music theory class, singing class or band practices. The program provides the strongest basis on which to build one’s musical journey

Students can sign up for weekly 30-minute or 60-minute lessons with a private instructor and learn in the comfort of home! As with our in-person lessons, students who take online lessons will learn directly from skilled musicians. 

Music Lessons & Music Instructors

Our individualized lessons and gradual process make it simple to become adept at all 88 keys. We start with fundamental competencies, like tempo, beat, and the basic five-finger layout. As time passes by, they can move on to more intricate practices, like arpeggios, chords, and scales. Our lessons also make music theory effortless and engaging to learn - an essential factor in piano/keyboard study.

Playing Keyboard
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