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Music Class

Group Music Classes in Bellevue and Redmond
for Preschoolers

At Happy Minds School of Music, we know that music, storytelling, and play are powerful teaching tools — especially when they’re used together! Our music classes for preschoolers combine these three elements to get kids excited about music.

Each Preschool Music class includes a basic musical concept, a musical instrument, and a storytime component. We teach musical concepts through imaginary story characters and demonstrate how this concept works on the instrument.

This gives preschoolers a fun and easy way to build musical skills. Our preschool music classes help students build a strong foundation of learning skills for the future. 

Child playing the violin in a room.jpg

My First Violin Lesson
For Children Ages 5-6

Our young beginner violin students can enjoy themselves and socialize in groups while gaining confidence and mastering the basics of music when they complete group violin lessons. They can then start having one-on-one violin classes with our private instructors. 

Please get in touch with us for the new session starting date

Children Choir 
For Children Ages 5-6

Designed with young singers in mind, this ensemble encourages students to have fun while learning about their speaking and singing voices. They'll practice their pitch matching with unison melodies and develop their ability to follow a conductor and blend together.

Please get in touch with us for the new session starting date.

Children In Singing Group Being Encouraged By Teacher.jpg
Mom teaches a little girl to play the piano. They play and sing songs. They are having fun

Children Keyboard
For Children Ages 6

Children learn foundational skills like tempo, rhythm, and 5-finger position, all while having fun and playing songs they love! From there, they can learn how to focus, develop cognitive skills, and improve motor skills.  

Please get in touch with us for the new session starting date.

My First Musical Journey

For Children Ages 4

Children develop important cognitive skills, such as attention, memory, perception, and cognitive flexibility, through playful, familiar activities like singing, listening, movement, stories, and music-making with age-appropriate instruments.  Children work in musical and artistic collaborations designed to foster basic musical knowledge and spur individual and group creativity.

Please email us for the availability

Please get in touch with us for the new session starting date

Music Class for kids
* A $60 non-refundable registration fee is going to be charged for the first-time enrolled, which included all learning materials with the learning journal
* No makeup lesson will be provided for student's own cancellation
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