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Happy Minds School of Music (HMSM) opened its doors in Bellevue, WA, in July 2013.

We began as a small music school with three instructors providing 1-on-1 violin, viola, piano, and guitar lessons to about 40 students.​  With the incredible support from our customers via referrals and our dedicated music instructors, we have grown to 16 instructors and over 150 students, offerings music lessons in string (violin, viola & cello), piano, woodwind (clarinet, saxophone & flute), and guitar, ukulele, drums, and voice.


HMSM also offers three different formalized accreditation programs for students wanting a challenging curriculum with or without the intention of pursuing college credit or music school applications. In the past decade, we have helped over a hundred students receive their performance certificates via RCM, RSL, and Trinity College London. 

With the growing demand for music lessons on the East Side, we're pleased to announce that Happy Minds School of Music will be opening in Redmond in the Fall of 2023, bringing the same high quality music lessons closer to our customers in Redmond, Sammamish, Kirkland, Bothell, Carnation and other areas.

We pride ourselves in cultivating the love and appreciation of the benefits of music exposure and its effects on the lifelong pursuit of personal development

"Music can change the world because it can change people." Bono

Benefits For Our Students
Develop greater creativity, artistry, and love of music
  • Offer national standard opportunities for students to measure their progress and achievements both individually and with their peers.

  • Students will learn not only a large variety of music but also a complete musical experience, included aural training, music theory studying, and improvisation.

  • Develop strong and healthy technical skills in playing music

  • Personal growth through consistent achievement

  • Provide different opportunities for students to get recognition for their achievement

  • Explore the music of all types, from Classical to Popular and Jazz repertoire

  • Experience of performing in public, and enjoy frequent student recitals

  • Step by step approach to note reading, music theory, aural training and music harmony. 

  • Building good and correct practice habits

  • Collaborate and play with other musicians 

  • Growth in independent thinking and love of music to enrich their lives

What You Can Expect At HMSM
Knowledgeable and experienced instructors
  • Professional and courteous instruction

  • Music lessons that begin and end on time

  • Written weekly assignments with clear, concise, customized goals

  • On-going introduction to new and progressive skills in technique, tone quality, music theory, sight-reading and music literacy

  • Engaging demonstrations, accompaniments, and duets

  • Performance opportunities through recitals, mini-concerts, or in-public performances

  • Weekly evaluations to track your learning progress

  • Progress record on your learning journal

  • Incentives for practices and performances

  • Personal assistance in selecting instruments and supporting materials

  • Discounted rates for group lessons, such as Bands, Theory lessons, Aural Training, and Sight-Reading.

  • Discounted rates for Siblings and Second Instrument learning. 

Your Musical Journey Starts from Here

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You can also find our information or contact us in Chinese via official WeChat by using the WeChat app to scan the QR code. 

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