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Mr. Luis

Piano and Ear Training Instructor

Mr. Luis began playing the piano at the age of 11 where he fell in love with the wonders of the classical canon. Through his time in grade school, he participated in many piano competitions in the Washington States and has decided to pursue a piano performance degree. He was accepted to Cornish College of the Arts in Seattle, Washington, where he earned his BM in Classical Piano Performance studying under Steinway Artist Dr. Peter Mack. During his time in Cornish, he grew passionate about contemporary technique, music, and composer; as well as refining his performance skills. This inadvertently pulled more of his attention towards music that positively influences mental health and anxiety through minimalism and meditative pieces. Since then, he has been teaching music to students of all ages and levels. Upon completing a course in music pedagogy in college, Luis was adept at bringing out the potential of his students and helping them to find the beauty of music. Through passion, enthusiasm, and sharing efficient practicing techniques, Luis has nurtured musicians with a love for music.

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