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Mr. Benjamin

Piano, Keyboard and Music Composition Instructor

Mr. Benjamin is a classically trained composer and pianist who began formally studying performance at the age of seven. He earned his degree with a focus on composition from Cornish College of the arts, where he studied under the tutelage of Jarrad Powell and Dr. Peter Mack. In addition, he has earned both local and national awards in music composition, including the Rachel Moore Choral Composition Contest through the organization The Choral Project.

Mr. Benjamin has extensive experience writing in classical and jazz styles, specializing in piano and choral writing. He has spent the last ten years performing freelance across the Portland and Seattle area. He believes in developing a versatile and multi-faceted performer, integrating theoretical analysis, and refining a deep expressive skill set. Ultimately his goal is to aid young artists in understanding and speaking music as a language. In this, he hopes to inspire an ever-present fascination and life-long relationship with music. 

Mr. Benjamin believes in helping students discover what speaks to them, writing custom arrangements of their favorite pieces suited to their skill level. These are used to further technical proficiency and apply theoretical teachings to songs students are genuinely interested in. Mr. Benjamin’s experience teaching extends to all ages. He believes that we are all artists and that we are all capable of articulating ourselves through music.

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