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Dr.. Natalia

Piano and Music Harmony Instructor

Dr. Natalia is a native of Russia. She graduated from renowned Russian music schools. She earned her Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Musicology for piano performances in Gnessins' Russian Academy. After that, she decided to pursue a Doctoral degree to research America Music at the University of Colorado. 

Natalia started teaching piano and music theory at the age of 19, and since then, it became her passion, along with the work as a piano accompanist for vocalists, choirs, instrumentalists. A few years ago, fulfilling her childhood dream, she started pipe organ training and earned the Colleague Certificate of American Guild of Organists.

Natalia combines Russian and American teaching methods and teaches equally in both languages. For the last 9 years, she lived in Texas and help many of her students attain full potential and gained different types of music awards in piano performance.  While building a sturdy academic foundation and solid professional skills, she finds it very important to nurture creativity and appreciation of music in her students to make learning full of fun, personal discoveries, and “wow” moments. She strongly believes that every classical piano piece is a whole world, a whole captivating story, an intricate puzzle, or a fanciful game.

Natalia approaches teaching holistically and sees her mission in understanding the unique qualities of each student and helping them explore themselves through music and piano playing, building personality, developing confidence and perseverance in any professional path they choose in their lives. Natalia has two sons, enjoys teaching them piano and helping to succeed in their classical guitar studies, and learns to play guitar herself. In free time she enjoys sports, learning foreign languages, reading, painting and singing in choir.

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