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Dr. Miaojun

Piano and Music Theory Instructor

Miaojun, as a native of China, started to play piano at age of 8. She studied piano with the professor Yuqing Zhang, Beihua Jaqueline Tang and Keng Zhou from Shanghai Conservatory of Music during high school. Miaojun Xu earned her Bachelor of Music degree at the University of South Carolina with Dr. Marina Lomazov where she graduated magma cum laude. Also, she earned her Master of Music degree at the Boston Conservatory of Music at Berklee with Professor Janice Weber. Miaojun Xu is graduated with the Doctoral of Musical Art from the University of Washington with accompanying assistantship under the baton of Professor Dr. Craig Sheppard.


Through her hard work and sincere passion of music, Miaojun Xu had honorably received prizes from all over the world.   At age of 17, Miaojun Xu won her first international prize in “17th Young Musician International Competition “Citta di Barletta” where she got the first prize. In 2012 and 2013, Miaojun Xu attended the Burgos International Music Festival and won the third prize of the competition section with all instruments. She also won the first prize of the Impressionistic section of the "Atlanta Teacher Music Association" competition. Also, in 2013, Miaojun Xu was invited to the “Music Fest Perugia” and made her solo concerto debut with Perugia Festival Orchestra under the baton of Uri Segal.


With the same amount of passion for solo performance, Miaojun Xu devoted herself to a career of teaching and collaborative working as well. She had served as an instructor in the pre-college musical community in the University of South Carolina. As a piano teacher, Miaojun Xu loves to work music with students, and she believes that good habits and skills should be established since the very beginning. The goal of playing piano is to hear the beauty of music and to share the beauty to others. 

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