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Ms. Denise

Violin, Viola and Piano Instructor


Ms. Denise Ayres is a native California violinist. She has appeared regularly in national solo, chamber, and orchestral concerts. Formerly a New York Philharmonic, American Composers' Orchestra, and Los Angeles Chamber Orchestra member, she has enjoyed international venues, including the Far East. Ms. Denise has been teaching students of all ages for almost 30 years privately as well as in academic institutions. Her students all share her great enthusiasm and love for the violin and the string repertoire. Her teaching approach is a combination of a solid pedagogical and technical background, with the added dimension of movement awareness in space. Body integration allows her students' exploration of sensation, pitch, and rhythm to become deeply imprinted. Notation widens the memory capacity as does organizing our limbs through joyful imitation and repetition. Ms. Denise wishes all students the care and encouragement required to interact daily with their instruments to produce beautiful sounds. Freedom of expression follows discipline. The very physics of playing empowers the human being.

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