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Teenager plays in the recital
teenager's singing
teenager plays violin
boy plays drum
girl plays drum in the recital
girl receives the music award
violin master class
Rock Band Performance
teenagers chamber music
girls rock band
2016 Winter Recital
girl plays the piano in the music recital
the teenager plays piano
the girl plays violin in the music rectial
girl plays the grand piano
the girl plays cello in the music recital
the music school in Bellevue
the boy plays piano in the music recital
the boy plays guitar
Drum School

  Learn to Play 

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Music Lessons in Bellevue and Redmond 

Boy Plays the Piano in the music recital
Girl Plays Violin in the Recital
Guitar Intuctor and student in HMSM

I signed my son up for drum lessons at Happy Minds last month and we have been so pleased with his progress. Happy Minds offers structured curriculum for learning drums and guitar which is different from other music schools. My son was excited to learn drums but his motivation could be inconsistent. His instructor worked with him to set achievable goals and find songs he enjoyed learning. He helped him see the progress he was making which motivated him to practice more.  Now my son loves to come to lessons every week. 

- Steve. Bellevue Dad


I signed my daughter up for piano lessons at Happy Minds for two years ago and it has been one of the best decisions we have made. Their instructors are professional and communicating to parents. My daughter was very shy at first and reluctant to practice, but the school offers incentives to encourage students to practice. Now my daughter loves playing the piano and we just purchased a grand piano for her. 

Elizabeth. Mom of 3

                 Happy Minds School of Music is dedicated to bringing conservatory music programs to the community through our team of highly skilled faculty. Our main objective is to help aspiring musicians unlock their full potential. We provide diverse programs tailored to all skill levels, from beginners to advanced students. Each membership is carefully designed to meet the unique needs of every individual student. Our instructors are experienced professionals who are deeply committed to assisting students in achieving their goals through a well-structured curriculum. At Happy Minds School of Music, we believe in fostering well-rounded musicianship. To achieve this, we have developed a comprehensive learning plan that encompasses various aspects of music education, including notation, techniques, performances, listening skills, music theory, and public performances. With two campuses located in Bellevue and Redmond, we are a trusted community music school that can guide your child toward building a solid foundation in music. Furthermore, we take great pride in being the only music school in the Northwest that is affiliated with three prestigious international examination boards: The Trinity College London, The Royal Conservatory Music Development Program, and The Rockschool Ltd. This affiliation allows us to provide accreditation paths for our students, giving them a recognized and respected qualification for their musical achievements.

Happy Minds School of Music takes pride in:

  • Assisting our student's  discovery of music’s many gifts

  • Nurturing our student's passion for music

  • And challenging our students to reach their potential while promoting lifelong music appreciation

"Where words fail,

music speaks."

Hans Christian Andersen

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