Piano and Guzheng Instructor

Ms. Sophia has been playing music since she was 5 years old while growing up in Taiwan.  Whether it is playing the piano or the Chinese zither, playing music is something that she not only loves but also loves sharing with her students.  She sees music as the ideal way to help foster joy in a student's ability to learn a new skill. She has studied at both the National Taiwan University of Arts for film and the Taipei National University of the Arts for music.  While in Taipei, she was the head member of the band Pommery Music which focused on performances using traditional Chinese instruments. For the past few years, she has been living and teaching students in the US and enjoying the opportunity to work with a diverse range of students of all ages. 

Ms. Sophia believes that it is important to develop an interest in music in order to learn it well. She likes to focus on the fundamentals by introducing students to well-known and recognizable songs and help to build up the sense of harmony and rhythm. Learning happens at its peak when the songs are engaging. Sophia loves working with children. Having fun while working on building up skills, one step at a time is one of the best ways to develop in music. Her goal is to give her students a memorable experience of learning to play music: A childhood with music is a happy childhood.