Piano and Voice Instructor

Ms. April began piano lessons at the age of four and participated in sonatina contests, ensemble contests, and many other annual recitals and tests provided by the regional chapter of the Oregon Music Teachers’ Association. She earned her Bachelor’s degree in Music Education at Seattle Pacific University, magna cum laude, during which time she studied pipe organs and also pursued choral music. April earned her Master’s degree in Music Education from Arizona State University, with an emphasis in choral music.


April has been a member of numerous collegiate and community choirs, including the Seattle Pacific University Concert Choir and Chamber Singers, the Arizona State University Early Music Chamber Choir, the San Jose Choral Project, and Master Chorus Eastside. April taught elementary and middle-school classroom music and choir for eleven years in Washington, Arizona, and California, and has taught piano and voice privately for four years.


As a result of this diverse teaching experience, April is comfortable working with students of all ages and abilities, including those with physical challenges and/or special learning needs. April incorporates elements of Orff and Kodaly methodologies (such as rhythm syllables and solfege singing and hand-signs) into her teaching so that students can have multiple strategies for understanding and reading music. To help students develop good techniques, she uses targeted strategies for improving students’ awareness of how they play the piano or sing so that they can self-correct and establish healthy physical habits. She recognizes that there is a variety of learning styles and preferences and adapts her teaching methods as much as possible to accommodate the needs of each student so that all can experience success with music and enjoy it as a form of personal expression and enrichment.