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Mr. Owen

Guitar, Bass and Ukulele Instructor

Mr. Owen has been playing guitar professionally for over 30 years, covering various genres such as jazz, big band, rock, pop, and classical. Owen studied guitar and theory at the Bloom School of Jazz in Chicago for 8+ years and was the band leader for the jazz group “Q-Blue” which performed at various venues in Chicago.  Since moving to Seattle in 2005, he has played guitar and bass in rock bands such as “Full Vinyl Jacket” (class rock cover band), “Daisy Wrench” and “Boxcar Tourists” (original indie rock).  He also has been both a regular as well as substitute player for local big bands, including the MachOne Orchestra, Route 66 Big Band, Cascadia Big Band, Microsoft Big Band, Seattle Jazz Network, etc. Besides that, Mr. Owen also likes classical music and has been playing with a guitar/flute duet group “Duo Lyrico” that performs classical music at various events.

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